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Since 1996, I, Parasite has been making aggressive, atmospheric electronic-rock sounds. Formed in New York City, co-founders Justin Butts and Christopher Jon released their debut Turin on a small indie label. After parting ways in 2001, Chris went on to release On This Cold Floor (2003) on his own DARKVISIONMEDIA label. The album received critical acclaim from around the world and led to Chris working with producer Rob Caggiano (Anthrax, Volbeat), contributing synth and noise textures to the Cradle Of Filth album, Thornography.

I, Parasite's third full length album The Sick Are Not Healing, was released near the end of 2009, again on DARKVISIONMEDIA. The album featured a guest appearance by Caggiano on the song "The Stone Doctor". I, Parasite played numerous shows with an assortment of metal and harsh-electronic bands (including Amenra, A Storm Of Light, Surachai, Prometheus Burning, and Hecate) to support the album.

In 2011 Chris relocated to Los Angeles, and is currently working on I, Parasite's fourth album, Österlanden.


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